Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Operation Christmas Child!!!
Thanks for all the boxes that have been sent to over 100 countries on our planet
speading the love of Jesus Christ with each one of them.
Even if you sent only one box,
you have a spiritual and material connnection with a child you will probably never meet,
but whose life has been forever changed by the love of Jesus Christ.
Each box is handed to a child with a copy of the Holy Bible in his or her own language.
So not only does the child benefit from the many items in the box,
she or he will also become aware of the greatest gift of all, Jesus!
Our President, Krysta, and the rest of our Board,
hopes that you have been blessed working on this project.
If you could kindly send an e-mail and let us know how many boxes you were able to prepare,
we would like to give praise to God
and ask Him to especially bless those children that you have touched through ylur kindness.
Thanks, in advance!
Get ready for our project in the Spring,
we're going to buy an ARK!

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